Tuesday, May 15, 2007

I got bored and decided to review a music video.

The can do spirit of independent music lives on in Pleasanton California with rockers the Quick and the Dead. Their music video, Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure, directed by Adam James, resounds with authentic rock attitude.

The video opens with the camera dollying in towards a television screen. A number of monochromatic graphics and text images dart wildly over the frame. Sentiments such as “Watch more T.V.”, “Bombs keep us free”, and “beLIEve”, set the tone of the video. The visuals appear to have been captured by a high end 24 frame camcorder yet with a careful eye towards professional level lighting and composition. The stylistic imagery runs from high contrast black and white, to vibrant primary colors that wash over the screen, and an outdoor sequence steeped in subdued sepia tones. Camera work in this video utilizes both tripod mounted pans and effective hand held work that goes well with the pace of the song. The camera gives equal time to each of the band members and their respective instruments. Set design in this effort includes a very convincing band rehearsal space strewn with posters at canted angles and graffiti laced walls. The editing is well done with a number of post production effects. Televisions are included in each of the sets used as we transition from location to location by zooming in on the screen to reveal the next scene.

The song has a fast metal sound with melodic breaks, driving guitars, and frenetic drums. It has a good hook that avoids becoming repetitive. Even adrenalin challenged viewers would have a hard time staying in their seats while they watch this tune. This video is a great example of how the Quick and the Dead are keeping the indy scene alive.

Check out the band's MySpace Page for more info.